Birth of a Duo - continued

Here's more "origins" stuff.

Found the below while cleaing out (very old) files:
It's written on the back of a computer printout dated 1996. As you can see, Mouse had a more "lively" name at the time.

Originally, the duo was supposed to operated as a private security firm: Troubleshooters, Inc. Somewhere in the creation, the private security firm idea got shelved and the duo turned into freelancers.

This next bit of notes were probably written out after the above:

Closer to the pair we now know.

Yes, Kat started off having a name. I originally through that it would be a a shortened form of her full first name (Kat for Katherine). She also choose a new last name (Blackwolfe) after leaving behind her past (O'Connor).

I later ditched that idea and decided "Kat" would be her "handle" and make no further references to her real name. (I know what it is but I'm not going to tell.)

Same with Mouse. Handle, no further references to her real name.

Below, notes on what later becomes "A Family Affair."

Slight changes when compared to the finished story, as is usually the case.

Isabella is no longer a granddaughter but a daughter. And "Antonio Righetti" became "Vincent Righetti."

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