PROLOGUE: "One Night in Bay City...


"Ya got me, choom."

"Is this Mr. Specs?"

"One an' only. Who's askin' ?"

"You came well referred. I am an interested party."

"And I'm a broker. What can I do for ya?"

"I require operatives for an assignment. Discreet. Professional. Thorough."

"I got someone. Matter of fact, two someones."

"Two? I'm afraid this requires at least four--"

"Nah. Trust me. Two'll be enough."

"You're sure?"

"Damn sure."

"But will they be discreet?"

"Discretion up the wazoo."


"Professional as all hell."

"And thorough?"

"Bet your ass."

"You realize I must have the very best."

"And you'll get it, bub. In spades. Kat and Mouse. Best ronin in the biz."

* * *

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