Yes, the serial is free to read and will continue to be free to read.

But the key to helping it keep going is through your support.

That's right.

You, the Reader.

How can you support the serial?

Here are a few ways:
  • spread the word
  • buy the "boxed sets"
  • buy merchandise
  • sponsor/become a patron
Here's how each of those works...

Spread The Word

Tell your friends about the serial. Send them to the website: If you follow us on Twitter (either through @abnersenires or @katandmouse), RT our tweets about the serial, especially new episodes/installments. Help us get the word out to as many people as possible.

To help the site go totally full-time (as in uninterrupted postings of episodes), financial compensation is needed. These next three ways cover that. What money does come in will go toward site and hosting maintenance, internet connectivity, and (eventually) expenses related to writing the serial full-time.

Buy The "Boxed Sets"

Want your own copy of all the episodes so far? Get the the "boxed sets" (as ebooks) through these links. Royalties will help fund the site.

Buy Merchandise

Head over here to grab stylish duds that show your love for the Ladies. Every fashionable ronin in Bay City has at least one of these for casual wear.

Sponsor/Become a Patron

You can also choose to sponsor the site on a monthly, recurring basis through Patreon. Click here to get all the details. Your sponsorship goes toward funding the site.

So those are the way you can help support/fund the serial.

The choice is yours. I thank you in advance for any and all support you give to the serial and its continued run.

Best regards,

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